How to start investing in your future.

There are very few people who think about investing money for their future and doing so can do a world of difference when you’re older. Young people tend to believe that they have enough time to build the financial status they desire and unfortunately life does not always go according to plan. Things happen in life that set us back which is why it is important that you start investing in your future as early as possible… here’s how:

Start by building a financial foundation.

Whether you like it or not, your personal finance plays a pivotal role because knowing how to use/manage your money on a monthly basis could be the difference between you being financially free and living with financial constraints. Many people do not reach their dreams because of these financial constraints, being overwhelmed by debt and basically living from paycheck to paycheck which leaves absolutely no space for you to pursue your dreams.

Realise that money is a tool.

Financial adviser Eric C. Jansen says that when you’re in your 20’s and ready to build wealth, it is important to realise that money is nothing more than a tool, a tool you can use to do almost everything. Money is the tool you can use to build a life and lifestyle you desire through smart choices regarding spending, saving and investing – Jansen’s words when he said that learning to be a diligent saver and investor early on is the key to being able to live the life you desire supports this statement.

Unleash the power of compound interest by investing early.

Compund interest has the power to make you a millionaire however it is important to know that it is a long term investment and won’t happen in a decade. Waiting to be in your 30s to start investing will be half as beneficial than investing while you’re in your 20s because the longer a compound interest investment is in place, the bigger and bigger it mutliplies so take advatage of this as early as possible

Ignore all the Joneses in your life.

This means you should stop keeping up with Joneses, or the Kardashians. Unfortunately FOMO has a way of driving people to “keep up” and they end up spending money they don’t have, in the end piling up unnecessary debt and this means putting off responsibilities like saving and investing for the future.

Automate your investment.

The best thing to do, no matter where you are with your financial journey, is to automate your investments so that they can take care of themselves. Financial advisor Anthony T. Reynolds says that setting up an automated savings plan will help condition you save consistently all while paying yourself without having to decide between delayed gratification and instant gratification.

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