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Kea Mooka

21 year old

Founder/ CEO : Artizen Of Joburg

From Pretoria, South Africa

1. What’s the drives you as an individual?

I’m driven by my love of art and my love of growth and progress. It’s always wonderful to see how beautifully things change when you apply passion and persistence.

2. What forms of obstacles did you have you faced so far?

I’ve faced many obstacles which you don’t really think you might when you start out. The most prominent ones that I think most creatives can relate to is a lack of resources to see your projects through and access to certain spaces and places in the industry. I learnt to not let lack get in the way of my pursuit for my dreams and vision and the change I want to insight on the art world. Use what you have where you are, build from there and you will progress.

3.What kind of association would you like people to have with your company?

Artizens of Joburg not only sets out to be a support structure and platform but we want to be the driving force that offers solutions to many problems creatives and artists face.
We associate with creatives and artists in not only a service based relationship but a network based one too. We try to always open up ways for artists to generate income through their craft and therefore serve as a database and platform for them to take the steps towards that.

4. What does hard work mean to you ?

Hard work to me means being persistent. It doesn’t mean overworking yourself but rather being dedicated and persistent enough about your vision and mission to see it through and succeed.

5. What is next for you and your company ?

Artizens of Joburg is always on the move hence our slogan #CreativesOnTheMove. We’re started out 2018 with our event Creative Union #TheVisionBoard in Pretoria. A workshop and showcase event where we aimed to gather creatives and artists thereafter create a vision and mission that will drive upcoming artists forward in the industry. We wanted to insight conversations that highlighted strategies and frameworks that will protect artists and help them progress in their respective artforms. That would hopefully be the inception of an actual union for artists. We’re grateful for all the artists and art communities that jumped aboard.
Just lookout for our presence more not only in Joburg but Pretoria as well. We always strive to create and be a part of amazing artistic projects and events.

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