The relationship between fashion and art

Fashion is described to be “a state of mind, an extension of one’s self”. It is being comfortable with who and what you are and allowing that self-esteem to translate into your personal style. To explain what is meant by the description of fashion being a state of mind, you will have to think of the general human behaviours. On a general basis, we tend to associate our moods/emotions with our outfits. For example, we tend to wear mutual colours on days we’re feeling down or on cloudy/rainy days unless you’re feeling really good a cloudy/rainy – simply because there usually isn’t a hype on these days – and you find yourself wearing colours such as black, grey, khaki, navy blue or any other colour that ranges in that spectrum. On sunny and happy days, we tend to wear clothing that have a bit of life to them, with brighter colours. This is because you’re expressing a certain emotion unconciously.

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Now, when it comes to art, be it drawings, paintings or anything considered as artistic, the same sort of phenomenon occurs. We all know that artwork is a form of expressing one’s emotions – well when artists are busy with their artwork, their colour coordination in that time will be closely linked with their emotions at that time and that is why you find certain artwork will have a sort of sombre theme to it (artwork with dark colours) and others will have a very vibrant sort of theme (artwork with bright colours). Essentially, our colour coordination with our clothing and expressive activities such as art, on specific days, are linked with our emotions on those days… but it doesn’t just end there.

images (8) [Image courtesy of]unnamed (1) [Image courtesy of][/caption]Fashion itself has served as a canvas of purpose for thousands of years and it all has to do with designing. The most raw example of this are big shot fashion designers in the industry who usually make gowns/dresses by hand with the finest of detail. There are countless designs in fashion that we are spoiled for choice when it comes to buying our clothing. There are clothes for all kinds of people, from introverts to extroverts, from those who suffer from low self-esteem to those who don’t, from creatives to visionaries and so forth. There is even a direct intergration of art and fashion with clothing in the industry that have clear artworks designed to express an emotion – whether it be towards an issue in society or spreading happiness.
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Essentially, the relationship between art and fashion is emotion which translates to colour coordination and then to design – “designing” your outfit daily – and thus, you see emotions expressed as a result.

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