Top traded cryptocurrencies

In the midst of the 2017 hype around cryptocurrencies there was one that everyone had on their lips and that’s Bitcoin. A lot of people had established that this specific cryptocurrency was one to gain immense profits in a short period of time. However the mistake came in people thinking that it was primarily the only cryptocurrency. We’ve created a list of the top most traded cryptocurrencies after Bitcoin as well as their market caps ( list excludes Bitcoin )


Launched: 2015

Market Cap :

This is a decentralized software that enables smart contracts and Distributed applications to be built. This currency enables the applications to get built without any interference from any third parties. The applications are ran through a cryptographic token “ ether “ which is basically the vehicle of moving around the ethereum platform.


Launched: 2011

Market Cap : $9.91 B

This cryptocurrency was one of the very first established with Bitcoin. The “silver to Bitcoin’s gold “. This cryptocurrency is formed on the basis of an open source global payment network. Compared to Bitcoin, Litecoin has much more faster block generation which results in faster transactions.


Launched: 2012

Market Cap : $ 53.49 B

This is a platform that offers individuals with the settling of instant, secured and very affordable international payments.


Launched: 2014

Market Cap :

This currency is a secured and untraceable. This currency one would say was developed for the purpose of building a community around it as well as the donation-based transaction. This currency enables complete privacy through its unique technique namely “ ring signatures “.


Launched: 2014

Market Cap : $ 6.03 B

This can be seen a child of bitcoin yet this is more “ dark “ due to it’s secrecy. The currency uses anonymity which is powered by a decentralized master code network which makes transactions more untraceable. This currency just like bitcoin can be mined, yet this is through CPU or GPU

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