Latest 2018 fashion trends

It’s a new year – a time where people set new years resolutions and forget about them before even February comes but one thing you will never forget is the clothes you wear because we’re so conscious of what we wear when we go out simply because it’s a big part of our confidence and personality. With fashion being such a big part of our lives, being aware of the latest trends can help you update your wardrobe and allow your creativity to integrate these new trends into your sense of fashion.

Fanny pack (unisex)

One of the latest trends in the industry right now is the fanny pack. Many brands are taking advantage of this trend and producing fashionable fanny packs to wear when you go out. An example of this would be Supreme and it’s a convient piece of fashion because you can keep your belonginings in it. We know the fanny pack is devisive, but it is here to stay.


[Image courtesy of zumiez]

Corduroy (unisex)

Another trend that is seen in the market is the corduroy clothing. The corduroy comeback is so real and with winter approaching in the Southern hemisphere, getting your hands on any piece of clothing that is produced with corduroy would quite a good idea because not only will you be updated and living in the modern fashion era but you will also be warm in the coming cold months.


[Image courtesy of simple Wikipedia]

Double-breasted outwear (unisex)

Double breasted outwear is the new “in thing” now. This involves blazers, coats and jackets – go double breasted or go home. Not only is this look elegant and class but worn in both formal and casual wear. Although prices on double breasted outerwear may be a tad pricy, getting your hands on one is definitely an investment to your wardrobe.


[Image courtesy of Pinterest]

Yellow colours

Having pieces of clothing that are yellow in colour in your wardrobe can work to your advantage when it comes to modern fashion. If you why away from bright colours, you really shouldn’t be too worried because there is are a range of yellow hues, from calm and tame to bright (colour blocking)


[Image courtesy of Pinterest]

Leather jackets

Leather jackets are increasing becoming popular and having one for yourself will add style and class to your clothing. Keep and she out for those with artworks on the back because they are fast being produced in the market. You certainly wouldn’t regret getting yourself one of those


[Image courtesy of Pinterest]

Throughout this year, there will be more and more trends evolving in the fashion industry so keep an eye out for those in order for you to add to your wardrobe and become creative in your fashion sense.

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