5 Snack essentials for picnics

We’ve noticed that many times when we are going out for a picnic we’re not particularly sure as to what we need to take. Well we’ve created a list of 5 essential snacks that you just need to have in your basket as well as their health benefits. Do give us feedback as to what you think we left out or which one you’ve never had a picnic without.


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For those who are unfamiliar with Biltong , it’s a South African term for dried meat. This snack is not only a protein source but it contains a number of vitamins such as Vitamins B12 which assists with the production of red blood cells. My personal favorite is the Chilli Bites


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These snacks are all so convenient especially with how they come in a large variety. The benefits include the containment of Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E as well as unsaturated fats. They are lastly fun to eat.

3.Dark Chocolate

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Besides it’s many great benefits such as better cognitive functions, better overall cholesterol profile and improved heart health. Chocolate is also just a romantic touch to any picnic gents , you can never go wrong with it.


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Everyone loves grapes. Grapes carry more benefits than just making your tastebuds dance. They help with blood pressure, constipation as well as improved heart health.

5.Potato Crunchy Chips

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If you’ve ever been on any social outing you’d know very that chips are just an essential item. They may not contain as many benefits as the snacks mentioned above however they have a couple. When baked chips can be a great source of Vitamin C.

Thank you for reading. Please share the article and give us feedback.

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