Importance of quality of sleep and ways to regain it.

Different people live different lives which means that we will all have different daily routines, however the one routine that should be similar everyday for everyone, for the sake of your health and maintaining a lifespan that is as long as possible, is the amount of rest we get everyday. Most of us live very busy and demanding lives and that may sometimes cut into our resting time, specifically our sleeping hours which can be detrimental to our health in both short and long term. The video puts this into perspective. Please watch before continuing…

It’s been proven that sleeping 6 hours per night is classified as enough sleep for a human to survive with their daily activities even though we hear time and time again that enough sleep for humans is about 8 hours of sleep – well it’s not so much about the quantity of sleep but more of quality of sleep that matters. As a matter of fact, when your body finds the need to sleep for short hours or long hours, it’s actually your body communicating a problem with it – be it stress, overeating or bad nutrition habits – and this a sign that shouldn’t be taken lightly because it affects all the other systems in your body.

There are ways to ensure that you improve your sleeping habits and quality of your sleep

Stick to a routine

Try and go to bed at similar times everyday and do the same things before sleep, even if it’s small things such as going to the loo, drinking medicine if need be, reading a book or any reading material, taking a bath or listening to calm music because that will give your brain the cue that it’s almost time to sleep. Meditating will also help you in this respect.

Keep nights dark.

Dim the lights at night time as another way to cue your body for sleep. Another tip would be to try and keep your E-screens off as much as possible – such as laptops, smartphones and so on – because they give off blue light which puts your brain on high alert, hindering you from your quality sleep.

Watch what and when you eat

Your diet pays a role in the quality of sleep you have as well. It’s advisable to eat big and healthy meals in the early mornings and throughout the day because you will burn the necessary calories throughout the day and have a light supper in the late afternoons/early evenings – if you eat too much at night, your digestive system will store it as fat.

Avoid caffeine

Any drink associated with caffeine injects energy into your body so try and avoid these drinks at least 6 hours before your sleeping time.

To retain more information about tips, click here.

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