Tech trends for 2018

As the development of technology increases at a alarming rate, we believe as reader of our content we ought to keep you up to speed. The following is a list of where most technological advances will be coming from in 2018. This list is not set in any particular order.

1.Virtual Reality ( VR)

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Definition: Computer technology that uses virtual reality headsets or multi-projected environments to create general realistic imagery, sounds as well as sensations. An example would be someone playing a video game through VR headsets which basically displays imagery, sounds as well as sensations from the game through the headsets.

Who is doing this ?

DeepVR ( South African Startup )

VR360( South Africa )


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Definition: This is a new approach to finances. This is new technology that aims to help execute conventional financial methods through the delivery of financial services. An example of this would be your online banking services from your bank or even your investing app.

Who is doing this ?

Yoco (South African Startup ) Yoco enables small businesses to execute money transactions on the go.

BitPesa( Kenyan Startup )

Paga( Nigerian Startup )

Paystack( Nigerian Startup )

3.Augmented Reality ( AR)

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Definition: This technology is a live direct / indirect view of physical , real-world environment whose elements are augmented. Essentially it’s being able to display anything on your mobile device in real time using your device camera. An example of which would be Pokémon Go.

Who is doing this ?


4.Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Definition: Artificial Intelligence is intelligence displayed by machines in laymen’s term, this is essentially when machines are being given “ cognitive “ functions that we humans see in ourselves and other human beings. An example of which would be “problem solving” as well as “learning “.

Who is doing this?

Dataprophet( South African Startup)

Clevva( South African Startup) Uses virtual advisors on Artificial Intelligence platforms to advise sales and technical consultants

Aerobotics ( South African Startup) Which develops AI system for drones Nigerian Startup) Developed chatbot that enables users to send money to friends and family in Nigeria through message.

Aajoh( Nigerian Startup ) Uses AI to enable users to send list of their symptoms via text, audio and photographs , in order to diagnose medical condition.

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