How to choose which business to start

As a young man or woman in society who strives to make a success of themselves in the near future, you would know that the journey of a entrepreneur is one that is extremely challenging – even more so as a young entrepreneur for one simple reason, experience. One of the most common questions young entrepreneurs ask is what business can they start that will propel them into success – well there is no real straight answer to that question. However, there a few pointers to consider before you can have the answer to that question.


The core driving force of any successful business is passion. You need to consider the things you are passionate about because in that way, the standards of performance during the journey will prove to be a valuable factor as it will be embodied by the quality of good and/or service provided by your business. With passion comes enjoyment and that is important – enjoying what you do on a daily basis keeps you happy and the morale of the leader of the business is a huge contributor to the latter productivity.

Spotting that gap in the market

This is something that you have probably heard on a regular basis – an entrepreneur is someone who spots a gap in the market and satisfies it. However, this is an idea that many aspiring entrepreneurs overthink. Spotting a gap in the market does not only mean inventing a unique product that does not exist in the market, which will probably be duplicated by another person anyway. Spotting a gap in the market can be as simple as recognising that quality is lacking in a certain market – something that can be recognised from personal experiences. You can be that person that develops a concept that is better than what is already in the market with better quality with low costs for example – take Taxify for instance.

Consider capital resources

This is one of the biggest challenges in a start up business, which is why you have to try and start something that won’t require too much money or at least something you can afford to start because taking a loan is not advisable due to the fact that there is a probability of failure – which brings me to my final point.


Your first idea as an entrepreneur is likely to fail, however, that should not be a hindrance in your journey because there will be an idea you come up with and gap in the market you indentify that will work out in the end. The trick to it is simple, never stop trying because those who always persist on in the journey of entrepreneurship are visionaries and visionaries are always on BeastMoud, so be on BeastMoud and success will follow.


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