5 places where you can learn how to code in 2018

As the demand for technical skills grows year on year. We’ve noticed that a vast number of young people may opt for the conventional approach by going to school. Yet there are a large number of projects that have been established countrywide that are dedicated to helping Generation Y and Z tech enthusiasts improve their skills. Here in no particular order we have a list of 4 places where you can learn how to code in 2018. These have been direct words from these institutions. We asked

1. Your founders name/ social media handles

2. When you were established 

3. Where you are in the country

4. Your service rates

5. Your philosophy


1. MEST @MESTAfrica
2. Established 2008
3. Accra, Ghana – we recruit tech entrepreneurs throughout South Africa as well as other African Countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire.
4. Fully funded program – no fees attached to program which includes training, accommodation, food, flights and monthly
5. As our CEO, Jorn Lyseggen believes “Talent is everywhere but opportunity is not” MEST Africa aims to build a Pan-African network of Tech Start-Up’s by investing in future entrepreneurs.
Our Accra and Cape Town Incubators have also partnered with an external coding school, Morigna School to provide a localized coding program.
1. Moringa School @MoringaSchool
2. Established in 2014
3. Woodstock, Cape Town
4. R7 300 for the 5-week prep class and R27 500 for the 15-week core class
5. Moringa’s goal is to build human capacity by training people of varied technical ability in a holistic way; we focus on both technical proficiency and personal growth, meaning that graduates are effective learners and contributors, and well rounded employees and leaders.


1. Co-Founders- Tiisetso Mphuthi (self-taught coder, space exploration enthusiasts, former Physics student at University of Pretoria, handles: MphuthiC, IG: tiisetsomphuthi); Khabo Morolong (Computer Science graduate at National University of Lesotho, Artificial intelligence enthusiasts & Assistant Lecturer at NUL)
2. Partner company @idyees was established in 2015, @reacoda_code was established in 2016
3. In South Africa we are based in Pretoria and in Lesotho we will be in Maseru starting in 2018
4. Free of charge
5. We are training and mentoring an army of coders for the 4th industrial revolution


1.Baratang Miya – Founder @baratangmiya @girlhypesa
2. When you were established – 2003
3. Where you are in the country – Western Cape and Free State, launching Gauteng and Northern Cape and NorthWest 2018.
4. Your service rates – The courses are free for scholl girls and R1500 public.
5. Your philosophy : Increasing the pipeline of employable women and girls in tech, also to encourage more women and girls to consider tech entrepreneurship as a career.


Our co-founders are Arlene Mulder and Camille Agon. If you would like to interview one of our co-founders, a telephonic interview can be arranged.
Our social media handles are as follows:
Facebook: WeThinkCode
Twitter: @Wethinkcode_
Instagram: @wethinkcode
YouTube: WeThinkCode
LinkedIn: WeThinkCode
Here is some more information about WeThinkCode_:
Developing Africa’s Digital Talent
WeThinkCode_ is a revolutionary tech university dedicated to deliver South Africa’s human potential and meet the increasing demand for software engineering skills. WeThinkCode_ has a campus in Johannesburg with 320 students and will be opening a Cape Town campus in 2018.
Finding and training future tech talent
Democratising education by making it open and accessible to all talented young people (17-35 years), WeThinkCode_ sources high potential software engineers regardless of previous education, financial means or socio-economic background. Through an innovative online application process, we source top talent from all backgrounds.
At WeThinkCode_ there are no teachers, no classes, and students learn through a peer-to-peer problem solving environment. In partnership with world-class institution Ecole 42 (based in Paris and Silicon Valley), WeThinkCode_ trains young minds to become software engineers that think differently and are equipped with skills to thrive in the digital era.
Partnering with companies looking for tech skills
Tuition-free, our two-year course is sponsored by companies looking to thrive in the digital economy and secure their tech talent pipelines. Corporate partners provide financial support, skills development and a path to employment for students. In return, students pledge to complete two 4-month internships with corporate sponsors and work for the sponsor at the end of their studies. Corporate sponsorship is R150,000 per student, which covers the 2-year course.
Find out more about WeThinkCode_:
2018 applications are now open:
Watch the #ReCodeYourFuture video:
Meet our WeThinkCoders_ video:


1.      Your founders name/ social media handles-  Founder Names- Jonathan Novotny and Natalie Emery. Social Media Handles-Facebook, Twitter and Instagram:@code4changesa

2.      When you were established- We were established in 2009.

3.      Where you are in the country- We are based in Johannesburg. Our Head Training Centre is in Midrand , we also have a IT Centre in Diepsloot and in the North West and Eastern Cape.

4.      Your service rates- We are an NPO and our services are free to the underprivileged South African youth and are donor funded.

5.      Your philosophy- Code for Change is building an eco-system of coding skills and digital entrepreneurs in secondary schools to help build the new South African economy. An inspirational, solutions-focused organization that believes “Youth have all the idealism, enthusiasm, energy and intellect needed to transform society today”, they just need the tools and someone to say “I believe in you.” That’s our job. (Previously called: Change the World Trust)

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