Social media and its impact on your health

Anything in our lives that takes up large amounts of our time affects our health and for this reason, social media influences our health. Thing is, it doesn’t just affect our mental health but our emotional and physical health as well.

Social media addiction is a real thing. The more and more the technology era develops, more people walk around with smartphones and other devices that make it difficult to escape the internet. As a result, time spent on social media sites such as Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter and so forth is increasing with the passing of time.

However, even though there is no addiction, long hours on social media can affect your health in multiple ways. An eye problem can develop from looking at screens for long periods of time and that goes hand in hand with fatigue as well. Staying up late on social media compromises valuable sleeping time and thus will affect one’s energy levels the following day because your body searches for sources of energy and as a result, straining your body.

Your emotional health may also be affected in both negative and positive ways. Social media can cause stress and other negative emotions and the cyber-bullying is a good example of this because it affects one’s confidence and may lead to social isolation – states that there is plenty of evidence that shows that social isolation is associated with a shorter lifespan, not to mention a diminishing quality of life.

On the contrary, social media can have a positive influence on your emotional health. The positive connections with friends can be made and/or maintained through communication through social media, making you a happier person – there’s no doubt that happiness is healthy for you, including physically.

You should strive to utilise social media in such a way that maximises that benefits and not the other way around.

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