Relationship between your fashion sense and personality.

It is known in society that how you present yourself gives an idea of who you are – that all important first impression and your fashion sense plays a pivotal role in this first impression because it is the presentation of the person you are. Our daily routines are as a result of who where are, where we come from however, fashion is more than just part of our daily routine – it is central to our identity.

As stated by, we base every outfit on various factors closely linked to our identities, particularly in our younger years – these include who we choose as fashion icons, who our friends are and what they wear, and what kind of looks we’re exposed to through television and film.

Recent studies confirm that a person will develop their wardrobe based on their personal style mixed with interests from peers – this is because one’s peers influence their likes and interests and ultimately influence the person you become. Consequently, your dress sense portrays your identity.

Some people are fanatic in keeping up with the latest trends and celebrity styles while others seek to be different and scope for inspiration from other sources and there are those who have a more DIY approach – from mixing and matching different styles to ripping up their own jeans and so forth – which expresses creativity as clothing is another means of expression.

It is all part of the psychology of your fashion sense. Subconsciously, we buy and wear clothes that portray our identity. Notice how different groups of people wear different types of clothing however, within those groups, notice the similarities. There are those who dress for the sake of dressing, those who like experimenting with their clothing, those who are fanatic about wearing labels and those fanatic about following the latest trends – all of which are as a result of the factors mentioned in paragraph two.

The dynamics go on and on, however, these dynamics – as mentioned – play a pivotal role in the presentation of who you are because studies show that that all important first impression works hand-in-hand with the snap judgements people make of us by merely just looking at us. Ultimately, you wear what you are!

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